Harish is a Vidwat in Dvaitha Philosophy (Equivalent to Doctorate in Philosophy) from Poorna Prajna Vidya Peetha, Bangalore, India .

This is a twelve year course which covers the study of Vedas, Sanskrit, Vedanta (Philosophy), Tarka Shastra (Logic), Vyaakarana (Grammar), Naataka (Drama), Alamkara (Rhetoric) and Kaavya (Poetry). Harish completed the course in 10 years. This shows his accelarated learning and brilliance in this study. The course work prepares one for a highly qualified specialist in the field of Vedanta and Dvaita philosophies. It specifically includes the following subjects: •  Rig Veda and Yajur Veda -- The Vedas are the ultimate philosophy of Hindu religion that describes the nature of the divinity and the role of worldly existence.

  •  Upanishads -- These are philosophical treatises on the nature of God, man, and the universe. There ten major and several other minor Upanishads.

  •  Shilpashastram -- the rules of temple construction;

  •  Vyaakarana -- Sanskrit Grammar

  •  Kaavya -- Sanskrit rules for verses and detailed study of poetry.

  •  Tarka -- Logical debates. The science of Logic is every highly developed in the Hindu philosophy and used in analysis and discussion of the various philosophical positions.

  •  Jyothisham -- Astrology and Astronomy

  •  Vedanta philosophy -- This branch consists of comparative study of different vedantic philosophical systems of India i.e. advaita (monism) philosophy of sri ShankarAcharya, vishistaadvaita (qualified monism) philosophy of sri Ramaanujaacharya and Dvaita (dualism) philosophy of sri Madhvacharya. This consists of detailed study of many different texts over a period of 6 years.

  •  Purohitya -- religious rites -- various Hindu pooja and apara-karma (rites after death of a person) ceremonies are taught here.

Harish has a Masters in Sanskrit (M.A) from Mysore University, Mysore, India.

He studied Sanskrit Prose, Poetry, Drama, and history of classical Sanskrit literature, Nyaya (Logic) and Vyaakarana (Grammar), Vedic Hymns, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, History of Vedic literature, Arthashastra, Smriti (Epic texts), Advanced Vyaakarana (grammar) and linguistics and Alamkara (rhetoric).

He also has a Masters in Tantra sara agama detailed study of the rituals, temple construction and pooja in vaishnava tradition.

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